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David Yates:
One thing we said when we finished "Order of the Phoenix" was that we want a very different experience next time around. We're very proud of this film, the intensity, the emotion and everything. One of the great things Jo Rowling does in the book is that she captures stages of childhood so the next stage of childhood is a bit more sex, drugs and rock and roll. (This was later clarified to be sex, potions and rock and roll.)

It's about the kind of emotional and sexual politics of being a teenager. It's a very different swing, the next film. I think it needs to be for the series to keep evolving. In my work, every choice I've made I've always gone for something in the neurotically opposite direction. Once I've finished something, I've stayed keen to stay fresh as a story teller to try something different. The "Potter" world is so rich. They're so many things to play with in that world that it's possible to re-gear so the next one will be very different I think.

We'd be crazy not to take a look at the seventh book and not let us influence us as we're refining the sixth script. I think there may be things that could be really helpful so we'll be looking at it as soon as it comes out.

It’s going to be great to work with Kloves on Snape's ambiguity in the script.

The movie will be a cross between the chills of Prisoner of Azkaban and the fantastical adventure of Goblet of Fire.
We've got some really playful sequences and some material that obviously dips into the darker world of ‘Potter’ As the series matures, it tonally does get darker overall. It's sort of inevitable as you follow the material. The kids are getting older, more mature and complex.

Daniel Radcliffe:
I'm not going to be on autopilot. I've invested so much. We all want to make this film better than the last.
Expect to see several characters making out in the flick too.

Alan Rickman:
Rickman refuses to talk about his character because he would not want to spoil the story.

David Heyman:
“Half Blood Prince” is 2 hr. 30 minutes and the movie is finished.
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