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12. Silver and Opals

  • A call sheet shows a small section of a scene 51 (two scenes before the script leak) in the common room being filmed, described as follows.
    Prophet Moving Photo No. 3

  • A call sheet shows a scene 52 (one scene before the script leak) in Hogsmeade, with the characters Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Neville, Slughorn, Belby and Flitwick in it, described as follows.
    The trio discuss the book, they bump into Hagrid and go into the Three Broomsticks

  • A section of script was leaked on IMDB about a scene in the Three Broomsticks; A shot of this scene came from a magazine image.

    HBP script


    As the trio enter, Harry glances round, locates Slughorn at the bar, planted plumply on a stool.

    No. Over here.

    Hermione and Ron, in the midst of seating themselves at a perfectly acceptable---and clean---table, see Harry seat himself at one strewn with detritus of a previous customer--but which puts him in direct view of Slughorn. They exchange a glance, shrug, join Harry. Ron starts to take the chair directly opposite Harry--blocking his view.

    No, no. Sit next to me.

    Ron stops, exchanges another glance with Hermione.


    A SKINNY KID in an apron appears, tosses a FILTHY RAG upon the table--which begins to wipe the surface on its own. Harry cranes his neck around the kid to keep Slughorn in view.

    What'll we have?

    Three Butterbeers. Splash of ginger in mine, please.

    The kid WHISTLES and the rag leaps back into his pocket. Harry continues to eye Slughorn, when he sees Draco. They lock eyes briefly, then Draco exits.

    Aw, bloody hell...

    Harry turns, and sees Ron glowering at Ginny who sits in a dark corner with Dean, their faces lit by a guttering candle.

    Oh, honestly Ronald. They're just holding hands...
    (as Dean kisses Ginny)
    And snogging.

    I'd like to leave.

    Leave? You can't be serious.

    That happens to be my sister.

    So? What if she looked over here and saw you snogging me? Would you expect her to get up and leave?

    Ron blinks, utterly speechless. Then:

    Harry, m'boy!

    Slughorn's voice BOOMS so loudly even Ginny jumps--and catches Harry looking. As Slughorn waddles over, SLOSHING mug in hand, Harry rises immediately--an action so grossly out of character that Hermione regards him with amused curiosity.

    Three Broomsticks 

    Hello, sir. Wonderful to see you.

    Hermione, brow wrinkling, turns to Ron, silently mouths: wonderful to see you?

    So what brings you here, sir?

    Oh, the Three Broomsticks and I go way back. Longer than I'd care to admit. In fact I remember when it was simply One Broomstick!

    As Slughorn GUFFAWS, Harry joins in, LAUGHING HEARTILY as well. Slughorn's belly trembles next to Hermione's cheek and his waving mug sloshes over, spattering the table.

    Oops! All hands on deck, Granger!

    Hermione smiles thinly, when a WHISTLE is heard and the FILTHY RAG is back, whisking away Slughorn's mess as the SKINNY KID slides three foaming mugs onto the table. (In the b.g. Katie Bell emerges from the back, starts for the exit. Her friend LEANNE follows her out.)

    Listen, m'boy. In the old days, I used to throw together the occasional supper and invite a select student or two. Would you be game.

    I'd consider it an honor, sir.

    You'd be welcome too, Granger.

    Hermione in the midst of emptying her Butterbeer in one long draw, SLAMS down her mug--leaving behind a "mustache."

    Be delighted, sir.

    Brilliant. Look for my owl.
    (exiting, to Ron)
    Good to see you, Wallenby.

    Ron frowns as Slughorn waddles away, turns to Harry.

    RON What're you playing at?

    Dumbledore asked me to...get to know him.

    Get to know him?

    Dunno. But it must be important. Otherwise Dumbledore wouldn't ask.

    Slam! Ron turns, see that Hermione has emptied his mug as well. Ron gestures to her upper lip.

    Um...You've got a little...

    Without a thought, she flicks her tongue up, wipes it clean.

  • There is a small scene concerning Ginny’s relationship with Dean.
    During Dan's interview, he commented about a scene where Ron says, in the beginning of the movie - while Ginny is dating Dean Thomas: "You have to hate anyone who goes out with their sister as a matter of principle." Harry, a bit ashamed, answers: “Yeah, I suppose so…."

  • On Rachezee’s appearance on PrinceWatch, she said “Yeah, I think that’s in the Three Broomsticks when Ginny and Dean are making out.”
  • A shot of Harry in the Three Broomsticks came from the fourth trailer, released in March.
  • Footage from the MTV show Spoilers showed a few shots of the sequence in Hogsmeade.




  • Information has surfaced about the scene.
    There were mannequins of Katie Bell when she had been hexed, one life size and one smaller for when Hagrid is holding her. She was wearing a red scarf and red coat. The hair on its head was real and the girl I was with knew the actress and was quite shocked because it looked so life like lying there...

  • A call sheet shows a scene 54 in Hogsmeade, with the characters Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Katie and Leanne in it, described as follows.
    Katie gets hexed by necklace, Hagrid saves her

  • A picture of Harry and Hermione in the snow has been released, possibly during this sequence.

Harry and Hermione

  • A test screening viewer describes the scene.
    It was truly chilling, the girl playing Leanne had an outrageous scream. I wouldn't be surprised if they actually toned it down with a voice over or something for the actual movie. It happens almost exactly as its described in the book, although Hagrid seems to appear "just in the nick of time". We see Katie and Leanne fighting over the necklace, Leanne telling Katie it was a mistake to take it. Then, Katie is suddenly lifted into the air and we see her head awkwardly go back and we can see inside her mouth. It was kind of awkward, in a good way though.

  • Another test screening viewer describes this scene more in detail.
    Just like in the book we see the trio walking back along a snow covered lane, with Katie Bell and Leanne a little ahead of them arguing. Leanne says something like, you should never have taken it and then Katie collapses and Leanne screams.

    Just as the trio run forward to help Katie rises very high up into the air, with her arms stretched out the side and her head all the way back and her mouth wide open. We can see every single tooth of her top row of teeth (the audience laughed at that so I wonder if it will be cut). She hangs up there for a moment, then comes crashing to the ground.

    Hagrid comes out of no where yell, get back picks her up shaking her slightly shouting Katie! Then Harry notices the necklace on the ground which has fallen out of the package. Hagrid yells "don't touch it!" and takes Katie.

    I really can't remember if Harry picks it up with the packaging around it or if that is my knowledge of the book tainting my memory of the scene, but Everyone seems to end up in the entrance hall (or it looked like an entrance hall which was nice because previous HP movies never really had an indoor one) and McGonagall is there and is given the necklace which Snape, who runs up, picks up the necklace, using his wand.

    Then McGonagall asks Leanne (who looks a little too similar to Cho Chang, who, for those who wondered, is not in the movie) what happened who says that Katie said she had to bring the package to Dumbledore, but wouldn't say who gave it to her.

    Then McGonagall's attention turns to the trio who is standing a bit behind Leanne and says something like "Now why is it that when something bad happens you three always seem to be present?"

    Ron says something like "Believe me professor I really wish we weren't."

    Harry then says he thinks that it was Draco, and Hermione and Ron stare at him and possibly say something but I don't remember. McGonagall says that is a very serious accusation, and Snape who is watching says "And just what is your evidence?" in his slow deep demanding voice.

    Harry admits he doesn't have any. He may have said more, but I can't remember as I think my memory of what happened in the book might have me misremembering the rest of his words.

  • A picture of Snape, McGonagall and the trio with the necklace has surfaced.

Snape and McGonagall with necklace

  • The Japanese TV trailer, from January, showed this scene, with Snape saying “How grand it must be to be the Chosen One.”.


  • A similar picture shows McGonagall looking at the necklace.


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