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  • The initial test screening attendee continues…
  • I forget the transitioning but we find Harry, Slughorn, Ginny, Hermione, and Ron at the infirmary wing. Everyone was definitely laughing at Ron. He was hilarious under the love potion, very sensitive, very touchy to those near him! Everyone surrounds Ron's bed in the Hospital Wing, Hermione and Ginny either side of him. Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape walk in, shortly followed by Lavender who basically starts arguing with Hermione as to why she's there. Then Lavender goes over to Ron and grabs his hand, at which point Ron mutters Hermione's name. Lavender runs off in a strop. Dumbledore says something along the lines of "Ah, the pangs of teenage romance", to which McGonagall gives a look and Snape rolls his eyes. Then I think after a little talking, with Slughorn telling Dumbledore it was the meade that poisoned Ron and that it was actually meant for Dumbledore himself, they all leave, but Harry turns at the door to see Hermione holding a still-unconcious Ron's hand. Hermione says something like "Oh, shut up" and Harry leaves.

    The next day they're sitting at breakfast, and Ron asks Hermione something about, "HOW, again, did that happen? She seems really angry at me!" and then we see Lavender glaring at Ron from across the room and Hermione smirks a little and changes the subject..

  • A scene in the Great Hall at breakfast or lunchtime is confirmed to happen sometime in the movie by a calendar montage and ABC sneak peeks. It is likely to be the scene described above.

Great Hall

Great Hall

  • The Quidditch scene from this chapter has been confirmed cut.

  • The house elves have been confirmed cut from the film, according to test screening viewers.

  • Hepzibah Smith has been cut.

  • However, there will be a scene with a pair of hands stealing Hufflepuff’s Cup.
  • So what will Berendt be doing in the film as 18-year old Tom Riddle? His role merely consists of a pair of hands stealing the Hufflepuff cup – that's it. The actor has no dialogue and no face time on screen.

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