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  • Test screening viewers tell us of the discovery of Dumbledore’s body.
    Harry then returns to find the whole school gathered around Dumbledore's body, McGonagall in the front completely stunned and silent. Harry kneels down at Dumbledore's side, brushes a hair out of his face and finds the locket, but does not open it. Clutching the locket He starts to cry and Ginny goes and holds him also crying. Then following McGonagall's lead, everyone lights there wand (I think they all murmur something in unison but I can't remember what) and slowly raise them as one in the air. Final shot of that scene is from above with all the lighted wands surrounding the tower, Dumbledore, Harry and Ginny

    The scene with Dumbledore's body at the foot of the tower is very, very cool... I cried. Everyone is gathered around - I mean, lots of students, faculty, etc. Harry is next to the body, crying, and Ginny is comforting him - all of the others are keeping a respectful distance. Someone - I don't remember whom - raises their wand in the air, lighted up at the tip, and everyone else slowly follows suit as the camera pans out until all you can see are the lighted tips of the raised wands

    everyone raises their wands to get rid of the Dark Mark.
  • Rachezee discussed this scene in her appearance on PrinceWatch.

    PrinceWatch Transcript

    Meesha:… and they’ve got the tribute to Dumbledore – was that like a candlelight vigil with their wands?

    Rachel: Yeah, yeah it was definitely like a ceremonial type of raising of their wands – you know what I mean? It – there was meaning behind it – so, it was good – it looked nice. (laughs) It’s not the funeral but I mean at the same time, I actually wasn’t expecting the funeral. I think the cost of getting all those people for it would have been enormous so –


    Vince: And the scene at the bottom of the tower too like – and he sees the body at the bottom of the tower…

    Rachel: Yeah, and he fixes he – and he goes up to Dumbledore and he like fixes his hair or – moves the hair out of his face or something and then he starts to cry and then Ginny comes up…

    Scott: Was Dan good in that scene or was it another – “he was their friend”

    Rachel: No, he was good – he wasn’t screaming –

    Meesha: Oh, good

    Rachel: – he wasn’t overacting. I thought, well – this is just a personal opinion – I just thought that it looked slightly po – like Ginny was kind of holding him in an awkward way (laughs) like but it still was effective, you know what I mean? She was crying too…

    Scott: But the emotions were – were good, it was the…

    Rachel: Were there, yeah – I just remember thinking; she must be really uncomfortable (laughs) that was about it (laughs)

    Vince: Was she like sobbing or like – sobbing or tearing or…

    Rachel: Yeah, sobbing – the quiet sobbing, you know what I mean?

    Vince: Oh ok, that’s good

    Meesha: Yeah

    Rachel: But it’s truly a devas – you know it’s a devastating moment. I think they could have used Hagrid being there to say something but he wasn’t.

    Vince: But then if they put the music in there – the sad music that…

    Rachel: And that is what was missing is the – effective music for that scene would make all the difference in the world –

  • The second trailer and a picture showed this scene.

Tribute to Dumbledore

Tribute to Dumbledore

  • Tonks and Remus’ part in this scene has been cut, according to Nat Tena.

  • There's a picture of Harry and McGonagall in Dumbledore’s Office assumed to be after the Battle. Harry appears to be holding the Elder Wand; Test screeners have noted this scene was absent.

Harry and McGonagall

  • A fan visited the set and reported they saw Dumbledore’s portrait:
    She apparently visited Dumbledore's office, "...where his portrait is already hanging since they just told [him] they finished filming his death last week" (the set visit was at the beginning of March).
  • During a visit to the Deathly Hallows set, the portrait of Dumbledore was shown, sleeping. There are conflicting reports whether the portrait will be shown at the end of HBP:

  • Dumbledore's Portrait

  • There is a scene is the common room, according test screening viewers vague remembrances.
    No there is something in between but my memory of it is vague, I remember Harry standing alone looking at his dormitory, then he goes downstairs where Hermione Ginny and Ron, maybe Neville? Not sure, but they are sitting solemnly in the common room. One of them says "Harry's here" and they all turn to look, but I honestly can not remember what happens next but it was very brief.

    I believe Hermione does asked Harry how he is doing regarding Sirius. This would be sometime during the scene in Ron's Room when they are all sitting on the floor (there is a picture floating around of this). My memory is that he answers with an "I'm fine" with an obvious sense of more meaning, but he did not want to talk about it, kind of thing. Otherwise I do not recall any other mention of him

    No Eileen Prince, but then, Hermione was not actively trying to figure out who the prince was. As for more explanation at the end about the Half-Blood Prince, I did not hear any. However, there is the scene I somewhat missed due to those annoying girls babbling away next to me at the end with Harry coming down to the common room to join Hermione, Ron and Ginny. I don't know what they said. It may have been about the Prince. I just don't know. *grumbles*

  • Mad Eye Moody has been cut and will not appear in this scene.

  • A reliable source seems to have confirms the rumour that the funeral was cut.
    but Dumbledore's funeral has been cut.

  • However it seems it's just been "adapted" due to a comment made by Yates.
    The film's playfulness is going to be great, and Dumbledore's death will be quite moving. Steve has taken the funeral from the book and written a beautiful scene. One of Jo's recurring themes is death and loss, and even though the sixth movie is playful and funny, Steve has adapted that Half-Blood Prince scene in a very poignant, plaintive, and special way

  • Although, the funeral may possibly be filmed according to EW’s 2009 film preview and could be included as deleted footage or as part of DH1 as some speculate.
    Shooting Dumbledore's funeral was another tough scene for Radcliffe, as it took on the personality of an Irish wake thanks to some not-so-mournful extras: ''Because there's a lot of people there, it's one of those things that takes on a party atmosphere.''

  • Virgin Media’s preview stated there was a surprise at the end of the film. Whether it is a surprise for the book fans or for the movie-only fans, it is uncertain.
    If you thought that you knew everything about Harry Potter then think again, producers have hinted that some new revelations about the boy wizard will be revealed in the closing minutes of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince! Ooooh...

  • Test screening viewers describe the last scene of the film.
    The last scene begins with the four of them there. Harry and Hermione at first are the only ones we see looking out into the grounds discussing the locket. Ginny and Ron are behind them on the sculpture and when we see them as hermione reads RAB's note.

    Speaking of the locket - some others have asked about RAB's note. In the very last scene with the Trio plus Ginny at the top of the astronomy tower, Harry and Hermione are talking and she says something like- "Its hard to believe that contains a piece of Voldemort's soul."

    He says something like "actually it doesn't. Its a fake. Open it, see for yourself." Hermione opens it and finds the note and reads it for us all to hear. I am virtually certain the note is identically worded to the one in the book. Harry says he knows that RAB has the real locket and they have to find him, or it. (Ginny and Ron are sitting on a sculpture behind them quietly listening) Ron probably says something but I don't remember what, because at some point towards the very end he joins Harry and Hermione.

    Harry then says he is going alone to find the Horcruxes. Hermione says something like, yeah right, you think your going alone? We are coming too. (major paraphrasing there) Then Ginny not saying a word sadly just walks away and leaves. She actually does not speak during the entire scene. Nor is she spoken to. She just listens looking sadder and increasingly heartbroken.

  • The third trailer, released November, showed this scene.



  • Fawkes’ departure is in the film, from a comment made from a test screening viewer.
    No fawkes lament, but the end of the final scene is the trio watching fawkes flying joyously through the blue sky and away. Movie ends.

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