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4. Horace Slughorn

  • Scenes outside Slughorn's house were filmed late 2007. They have recreated the entire village of Budleigh Babberton from the book including the old war memorial. There is a store called “Babberton Arms” in the background.

  • Budleigh Babberton

    Budleigh Babberton

    Budleigh Babberton

    Budleigh Babberton

    Budleigh Babberton

    Budleigh Babberton

  • A picture of Harry and Dumbledore (without effects) has surfaced

  • Visiting Slughorn

  • Some test screening viewers describe the films portrayal of Slughorn
  • One of my largest concerns for the movie was getting to see Jim Broadbent as Horace Slughorn. Don’t worry. Throughout the movie, I was continuously impressed with how they adapted the character to the film, and to say that he does reflect my Slughorn from the books satisfactorily, with a little extra, is true. The scene where they meet Slughorn is surprisingly close to the events of the book, as is most of this movie, actually. I was surprised and delighted to see Couch-Slughorn put to film.

    Dumbledore takes Harry along to slughorn's and at this point i thought i was getting a little wary considering slughorn wasn't at all like i imagined him to be... there's an illustration of slughorn in the book and that's more or less what i thought he would look like, whereas in the movie, he's much taller and a little thinner, and less indlugent and opulent looking..so i was a lil dissapointed by that, but trust me, as the movie goes on, that doesnt matter a bit because he fits in very well with the whole package...
  • A sequence of Harry and Dumbledore arriving at Slughorn’s came from the third trailer, released November

  • Visiting Slughorn

    Visiting Slughorn

  • The inside of Slughorn’s Home was featured on the HBP Sneak Peeks from late 2007.

  • Slughorn's Home

    Slughorn's Home

    Slughorn's Home

  • The Slughorn chair transformation has been confirmed from the Mugglenet Set Report Teaser.
  • The chair version of Slughorn was also in the pressroom. I quickly had a seat in it. I plopped myself down a little too quickly and unexpectedly sank into it. His pajamas (which were right next to the chair) match the cloth on the couch and the transformation should be something hysterical.
  • Yates said there was a comical scene where someone goes to draw the drapes and the entire curtain falls. This might be part of the scene in Slughorn's house.

  • A picture of Dumbledore and Slughorn has surfaced

  • Dumbledore and Slughorn

  • A test screening viewer describes this scene
  • Dumbledore is repairing the damage to the muggle house Slughorn is staying in at the beginning of the movie. Slughorn does not help but just stands there looking amazed and astonished at the magic Dumbledore is performing for some reason. Like he has never seen magic before
  • The  Behind the Scenes Featurette from February showed Dumbledore cleaning the house.

  • Cleaning house

    Cleaning Slughorn's House

  • A shot of Slughorn showing Harry the photos of famous wizards on his mantelpiece came from the ABC sneak peeks.

  • Slughorn's Pictures

  • Nina Voelker, who was cast as Wendy Slinkhard, explains what significance her original character plays in the film
  • Only a very small role, Slinkhard Wendy is a former student of Professor Slughorn's and is now a published author, so I was in a picture with Professor Slughorn, played by Jim Broadbent, which I will dedicate in my book. This picture might be in Slughorn's house.
  • Slughorn will show Harry a picture of Lily, according to a test screening viewer
  • Slughorn does tell Harry that he has his mother's eyes in the beginning when Harry first meets him. Slughorn shows him a picture of Lily. I don't think I have mentioned this anywhere before, but the picture looked a lot like ginny. A lot. It was the first thing I thought when I saw it. Not in a bad way either, I mean you could tell it wasn't her, but it looked like her. Kind of in keeping with a lot of fan art I have seen in terms of similarities.
  • Gambon had been ‘camping it up’ on set and word got out that they filmed Dumbledore saying the "I do love knitting patterns” line.

  • Slughorn will shout "Alright! Alright" I'll take the job!" as Harry and Dumbledore leave his house like in the book.

  • The second and third trailers (Oct and Nov) both showed Harry and Dumbledore apparating from Budleigh Babberton.

  • Apparating


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