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5. An Excess of Phlegm

  • The Burrow is confirmed as in the movie.
  • Fleur Delacour and Bill Weasley have both been cut.
  • Test Screening viewers describe Harry’s arrival.
  • It's actually another really cute part of the movie - Dumbledore tells Harry that his trunk and Hedwig are waiting for him at the Burrow (whilst they're still... wherever they are getting Slughorn) and then it cuts to the Burrow and Ginny comes downstairs and sees Harry's stuff and yells for her mom, wanting to know when Harry arrived. Molly sticks her head over the railing from one of the higher floors and tells her that Harry HASN'T arrived and Ginny says something about his stuff being there... then Ron sticks HIS head over the railing from higher up and says, 'Did someone say Harry? What about Harry?' and Ginny says, 'Is he up there with you?' and Ron says, 'I'd know if my best mate was here, wouldn't I?' and then the same thing happens with Hermione, and they all get downstairs just as Harry comes in.
  • Pictures during this sequence have emerged.

The Burrow

The Burrow

  • A picture of Harry and Ginny hugging at the Burrow has emerged online.

  • Harry and Ginny

  • A quote from Leaky’s Set Report Teaser discusses Harry’s hug with Ginny.
    The romance bug is making its rounds in this film, with Dan speaking of a script direction indicating an “oddly charged” moment between Harry and Ginny when they first see each other in the burrow
  • The Behind the Scenes Featurette showed Hermione hugging Harry too.

Hermione Hug

  • Staying true to the book, according to the HPANA Set Report Teaser, the Weasley Clock will have all hands pointing to “Mortal Peril”.
  • and the Weasley's Burrow (complete with the family clock -- all hands pointing to "Mortal Peril"
  • A calendar picture showing the Weasley clock and the living room emerged.

  • Weasley Clock

  • A scene in Ron's bedroom has been filmed and a picture of this scene has been leaked.

  • Ron's Bedroom

  • The Behind the Scenes Featurette from February showed Harry in this scene.

  • Harry

  • A test screening viewer describes this scene.
  • This picture is when Harry first arrives at the burrow and Hermione and Ron tell him people are saying Dumbledore is not as sharp as he used to be. I believe Hermione does asked Harry how he is doing regarding Sirius. This would be sometime during the scene in Ron's Room when they are all sitting on the floor. My memory is that he answers with an "I'm fine" with an obvious sense of more meaning, but he did not want to talk about it, kind of thing. Otherwise I do not recall any other mention of Sirius
  • A scene between Ron and Hermione was noted by a test screening viewer.
  • At the Burrow, there is some tension between Ron and Hermione when Ron wipes spearmint toothpaste off of Hermione's cheek.
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