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14. Felix Felicis

  • A test screening viewer talks of Lavender
    Lavender Brown is indeed "comic relief" - and she's perfect for the role. She does the whole 'Won-Won' thing and it's actually believable

  • A picture of Lavender either doing homework or writing in a diary emerged.

Lavender in Common Room

  • Rachezee discussed this picture on this in her appearance on PrinceWatch

    PrinceWatch episode 3

    Oh, Ok, yeah. I was wondering – and then there’s this one of Lavender that we had talked about – trying – she looks like she’s either doing homework or writing in a diary.

    Rachel: Oh, oh

    It looks like the common room.

    Meesha: Lavender – It’s in the common room.

    Yeah, I…

    Looks like she might be ogling Ron.

    Probably. (laughs) I don’t have that picture up in front of me right now…


    But yeah – no – that – that sounds about right (laughs)…

    She was just giving him glances…

    She was doing that all the time, I mean she was always ogling – she was always ogling Ron, I mean.


    I mean, so, she – she never – yeah.


    She was always wa – like – looking at him, like, you know – every time she looked at him you got a sick feeling inside, you know, so (laughs) – But – yeah, so…

  • Hermione's jealousy is confirmed; a test screening report further confirms this.
    Hermione showed big time jealousy! Emma Watson is excellent in these scenes.

  • A picture and a ABC sneak peek shot shows a small scene involving Ron and McClaggen.

Ron and McLaggen

Ron and McLaggen

  • Pictures of Luna with her lion hat have emerged.

Luna's Lion Hat
Lion Hat

  • A picture showing the morning of the match has been released.

Breakfast in the Great Hall

  • A test screening viewer describes this picture.
    This picture is before Rons first Quidditch game (the only one shown) and he is scared to death. I think he is saying here how he plans on quitting. Thats when Harry pretends to slip him the FF potion but it is Luna who notices and says something not Hermione. Hermione does not get as mad as she does in the book either.

  • A description of this scene in the Great Hall has been released from the Daily Snitcher Set Report, probably scene 59, which the last line of dialogue is in the below script leak.
    Once we had learnt all of this information filming of the scene was again about to start. "Take 11" was called along with "Action" and the scene began. Harry, Hermione, Ron and Luna are sitting on the Gryffindor table alongside all of the other Gryffindor students. Ron asks Hermione how the dinner party was the night before, to which Hermione responds. Ron, feeling a little miffed, believes that Hermione is going to ask McClaggen to go to Slughorn's party; however Hermione shocks him by stating that she was in fact going to ask him to go. Luna, wearing a Gryffindor lion's head headdress is shocked to see Harry put something into Ron's drink, to which she believes is Felix Felicis. Cue Lavender who comes onto the scene, whispers into Ron's ear and states that he will be great, to which Ron feels revitalised and exclaims they have a match to wins and leaves.

  • A couple of pictures come from this scene.

Breakfast in the Great Hall

Breakfast in the Great Hall

  • Multiple test screening viewers have mentioned that this the only Quidditch sequence.

  • It appears that the Quidditch game will take place in a winter setting from a comment made in a test screening report.
    "quidditch - bloody brilliant!!! done in a never before seen sorta way, and it was pretty cool to see it in a snow & ice sorta setting"

  • A picture of Harry on his broom came from a foreign magazine.

Harry on his broom

  • A Brazilian magazine showed Ginny with her broom.

Ginny with her broom

  • A reliable source on IMDB has leaked a scene from the script about this Quidditch scene; shots of the scene came from multiple sources.

    HBP script leak

    RON (CONT’D)
    C'mon, Harry. We've got a game to win.

    Breakfast in the Great Hall 

    CLOSE UP - QUAFFLE, as it ROCKETS into the AIR...


    Instantly, Slytherin snatches the Quaffle and rushes en masse toward Gryffindor's end, weaving and passing with wicked skill, culminating in a vicious, slicing shot on goal.


    Just when it appears it will clear the hoop, Ron streaks out of nowhere and sends the Quaffle screaming in the opposite direction.



    Ginny pauses on her broom, stunned.

    What's gotten into him?

    She glances up at Harry, circling high above and he grins. Just then, Dean streaks by:

    Ginny! Let's go!

    Instantly, she rolls backwards, jets off and races down her fellow Chasers. Flying in spread formation,


    Dean--on the far wing--starts the Quaffle "up the line" until it lands in Ginny's hand.


    Pitching herself into a wide slide to avoid a PAIR of WHISTLING BLUDGERS, she leans recklessly off her broom and whips the Quaffle through the goal untouched.

    As the CROWD SCREAMS, Harry eyes the Gryffindor section,


    where Luna's LION HAT ROARS, Lavender CLAPS for Ron and Hermione sits with her arms crossed, a look of supreme annoyance on her face. Harry grins, jets off.


    The room teems with students celebrating Gryffindor's victory. It feels like Mardi Gras. Or a mosh pit. Or a riot. And Ron is right smack in the middle of it.

    Weasley is our King 

    Weasley! Weasley! Weasley!

    Weasley is our King 

    Harry takes his backslaps on the periphery, smiling as he sips a Butterbeer and enjoys Ron's turn in the spotlight.

    Ron seems to be enjoying himself.

    Yep. Apparently it's his lucky day.

  • Test screening viewers talk of when Ron finds out about NOT having taken Felix
    Harry tells Hermione the truth after the match, with a great line about it being 'almost as unfair as a Confundus Charm'.

  • Won Won and Lav-Lav’s relationship has been confirmed by many sources and they will kiss many times.

  • Information of their first kiss came from test screening reviews.
    As far as the kiss... they get the Harry/Ginny kiss everyone was hoping for as described in the book. She runs at Ron after the Quidditch victory and jumps on him and kisses him... actually kind of looks like she's trying to eat his face (it's PERFECT - I promise!)... but it just... works, you know? It's a good scene, and the two of them seem to work well together! The first kiss of Lavender and Ron was witnessed by both Harry and Hermione. Harry watches with a stupid boyish grin and Hermione faces slowly turns from a smile to looking utterly heartbroken. She quietly turns away to leave, and just as she leaves Harry turns and notices. She is far less angry than she is just heartbroken. She does send the birds she conjures at Ron but she is not so much furious as she is crushed and hurt

  • A picture of Lavender grabbing Ron after the match came from the ABC sneak peeks; a shot of Ron and Lavender’s kiss came from the behind the scenes featurette; and a picture emerged of them together after the kiss has surfaced.

Ron and Lavender

Ron and Lavender

Ron and Lavender

  • A test screening viewer briefly describes this scene.
    That is the scene where they are kissing the first time. Lavender flirts with him incessantly before that

  • A call sheet shows a scene 62 in a Hogwarts corridor, with the character Harry, in it as well as some snogging couple extras, described as follows.
    Harry leaves the party. He hears chirping.

  • A shot of Hermione crying came from the third trailer, released November.

Hermione crying

  • The scene involving Hermione shooting Ron with birds is confirmed in from the EW set report. The birds will replace the ‘wind’ in post-production. It should be noted that test screenings confirmed the spell was Oppugno.
    In this scene, Harry tries to console his friend but the job becomes infinitely harder when Ron and Lavender come bumbling into this dark corner of Hogwarts looking for a place to snog. Hermione shoos them away with a magical gust of wind, then weeps harder

  • The behind the scenes featurette from February showed this sequence.










  • Hermione will mention that she can tell Harry likes Ginny.
    Hermione mentions it to Harry when he's comforting her after she sends the birds after Ron in the empty classroom - she asks him if it hurts him to see Ginny with Dean as badly as it hurts her to see Ron with Lavender... she says she's "seen the way he (Harry) looks at her (Ginny)" and knows he loves her...

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