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15. The Unbreakable Vow

  • A shot of Harry and Hermione talking in the library has emerged off a trading card.
Harry and Hermione

  • Test screening viewers tells us of this scene

  • The picture we saw of Hermione and Harry in the library is of Harry and Hermione talking about how Ron's at perfect liberty to date who he wants to date.

  • This scene was featured in the second and third trailers, as well as the behind the scenes featurette.
  • There is a picture of Neville on his bed in winter.
Neville in bed

  • Rachezee, her appearance on PrinceWatch, discussed this picture, pinpointing its location and describing its context.

  • PrinceWatch Transcript Episode 3

    Meesha:But he’s sitting on his bed, in his pyjamas. Do you know what was going on there? ‘Cause he – he looks upset…

    Rachel: I’m trying to find this picture really quick – it’s still loading – I’m sure where this picture is actually. I’m not sure – it probably -… probably was – he was upset that he wasn’t in the Slug Club, so –

    Meesha: Ah. Ok.

    Rachel: – so I’m sure that’s probably what it’s about.

    Meesha: That makes sense.

    Vince: Oh, Poor Neville. Oh, Poor Neville.

    Rachel: Yeah. So without seeing it, that’s probably what it – that would be my guess ‘cause – he does talk about it with Harry later, like, and that’s why he becomes a steward at the party, instead of – a server, whatever it is, at the party. And he serves, like, food (laughs)

  • Mugglenet confirms the inclusion of Slughorn's Christmas Party.

  • Wikén witnessed a scene during a filming day. In it, the new Potions Master of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Horace Slughorn (played by the British actor Jim Broadbent, known by supporting roles in classic movies such as "Brazil and "Richard the Third"), celebrates a Christmas party in his room for a selected group of students. Slughorn walks from one group to another chatting with his guests, trying to gain his favourite students' favour.

  • Harry and Luna making their way to the party was shown in a calendar.
Harry and Luna

  • A picture of Draco brooding had been released, said to be Malfoy watching the party attendees arriving.
Draco brooding

  • It’s been mentioned in the Leaky Cauldron Set Report Teaser that Luna will wear a Xmas tree dress.

  • We saw Luna’s Christmas tree dress

  • Luna’s comments at the party have been cut.

  • Oh and most sadly of all, no description from Luna about the dangers of the Rotfang Conspiracy.

  • A picture of Luna at the party in her dress, next to Sanguini and another of Slughorn’s guests.
Luna at Slughorn's Party

  • A picture of Slughorn and Harry from the party has surfaced.
Harry and Slughorn

  • The Japanese TV Trailer from January showed Harry and Slughorn being photographed.
Harry and Slughorn

  • Neville is in attendance at Slughorn's Christmas Party according to a test screening viewer.

  • Neville is at the Christmas party, where he's serving champagne in a waiter's uniform and he tells Harry, 'I didn't get in to the Slug Club...'

  • Test screening viewers also talk of McClaggen at the party.

  • There's a snippet at the end of the dinner party scene where he's looking at Hermione and licking his finger and... oh my gosh, I died. He's a big part of why the movie tickled me.

  • Also described is a scene between Harry and Hermione about McClaggen.

  • She and Harry are hiding behind a curtain and a waiter comes and offers 'Dragon Tartar' - they both say no, and the waiter says something like, 'Probably for the best - it gives you really bad breath,' and Hermione says, 'On second thought, maybe I will...' and stuffs a few in her mouth...

  • A test screening attendee has given extensive details about Slughorn's Christmas Party.

  • Harry attends with Luna (who is dressed in a peculiar silver dress that got lots of laughs from the audience), and Hermione goes with Cormac. Harry finds Hermione hiding from him behind a curtain looking disheveled because he tried to corner her under the mistletoe (her lines are straight from the book, word for word). As I know there are many here who care about such details, she is wearing a rather low cut dress that shows she is not such a little girl anymore. Harry then pulls her behind another curtain when she spots Cormac approaching and she makes a quick getaway and Harry is left trapped with Cormac behind the curtain. They discuss Hermione (I don’t remember details). Cormac is just about to leave in search of Hermione when Snape sharply pulls the curtain aside, apparently with the belief he has just caught students making out or something, because he seams shocked to see Harry and Cormac (who is on his way out). Before Snape can say something more, Filch comes through the door dragging Draco with him. Just as in the books he admits he is, what’s the words? Gape-crashing? And Slughorn like in the books forgives him. Meanwhile both Harry and Snape are watching this (Snape’s face is unfathomable as usual but his body language suggests interest or concern, Harry is standing slightly behind Snape).

  • A picture of Slughorn with an unknown guest, looking to be disturbed by Filch and Draco’s arrival, had emerged.
Slughorn and party guest

  • The Japanese TV trailer showed Harry reacting at the party, probably to Draco’s appearance.

  • A picture of Filch bringing in Draco was leaked.
Snape, Filch, and Draco

  • A description of Draco and Snape’s discussion came from a test screening viewer.

  • The next scene is Draco and Snape in a corridor trying to convince Draco to accept his help and Draco repeatedly refuses (I know there was more to this, though not much, but I just can’t recall exactly what it was). The screen starts to pan towards the right, still keeping Draco and Snape in view, but revealing Harry standing with in a parallel corridor or classroom perhaps, standing stock still listening closely. Harry overhears Draco and Snape fighting, though not in his invisibility cloak. And what Snape says is slightly different and in the book what he says does not happen in the movie (stuff about helpers and Crabbe and Goyle). But I really don't remember what he says exactly.

  • A montage of pictures from this scene came from a calendar.
Harry, Snape, and Draco

  • A picture of Draco walking away after his discussion with Snape, was leaked online.
Snape and Draco

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