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16. A Very Frosty Christmas

  • A test screening viewer has informed us that there was a scene of the Hogwarts Express, as the students are going home for Christmas.
    Now, the next scene is another I described, with Harry and Ron on the Hogwarts Express going to the burrow for Christmas. I actually think they were discussing unbreakable vows but I am not really sure because that is when Lavender turns up outside the compartment steaming up the window with her breath and writing with her finger on the glass making a heart with R+L and then steaming it up again to make it show up better. Then she mouths to Ron “I really miss you” or something and leaves

  • A shot from the third trailer, released November, shows the Hogwarts Express leaving in Winter.

Hogwarts Express

  • A test screening viewer describes the first scene at the Burrow during Christmas.
    But I am guessing they were discussing unbreakable vows because in the next scene at the Burrow Harry is talking to Lupin and Tonks and I think Arthur, I think about what he saw heard Draco and Snape discussing, but the audience was still going from the previous scene with Lavender. The first lines I caught was Lupin saying, “It all comes down to whether you trust Dumbledore. I do, therefore I trust Severus.”

  • Two pictures of Harry, Ginny, and Ron (one with and one w/o director David Yates) celebrating Christmas at the Burrow have been released.

Christmas at The Burrow

Christmas at The Burrow

  • Test screening viewers describe the above scene.
    It's a really cute scene at Christmas at the Burrow... Ginny comes and sits down next to Harry and is feeding him and they're kind of sharing a "moment" and then Ron comes in with a huge plate full of pies and really obliviously sits down between them - like, squeezes in between them, because there's not much room - and offers Harry a pie.

  • Natalia Tena, who portrays Tonks, has mentioned that her characters role has been reduced to ONE scene (Christmas at the Burrow) and that Lupin and her are already a couple when they arrive at the Burrow.
  • A test screening viewer talks about Tonks and Lupin’s roles in the film.
    Tonks has only a couple of lines. There is no explanation as to her change in hair. Lupin does not talk about Greyback.

  • A picture of Tonks and Lupin talking (with Harry and Arthur) at the burrow emerged.

    Tonks and Lupin at The Burrow

  • David Thewlis discussed Tonks and Lupin in HBP.
    "I will say that by the sixth book/movie, we're holding hands and she calls me 'Sweetheart.'

  • There is a scene in the Weasley’s garage, likely to be during Christmas, first seen in the HBP sneak peeks from late 2007.

    Weasley's Garage

    Weasley's Garage

    Weasley's Garage

  • Two pictures from this scene came from a calendar.

    Weasley's Garage

    Weasley's Garage

  • The script of this scene has emerged; a shot from this script came from the Japanese TV trailer.
    HBP Script Leak


    Harry trails Mr. Weasley through his cluttered workshop, which is chock-a-block with MUGGLE OBJECTS: Steam irons. Toasters. Clock radios. Plugs. Lots of plugs. The PARTY can still be heard, drifting faintly from the main house.

    You'll have to forgive Remus. It takes its toll--his condition.

    (studying him)
    Are you alright, Mr. Weasley?

    Arthur tries to smile, but it fades. He frowns, pained.

    We're being followed, all of us. Molly doesn't leave the house most days. It's not been easy

    (a nod, then)
    Did you get my owl?

    Yes, but I thought it best if I replied in person. If Dumbledore's traveling, it's news to the Ministry. But perhaps that's the way Dumbledore wants it. As for Draco Malfoy--I know a bit more.

    Go on.

    I sent an agent to Borgin & Burkes. From what you describe, I think what you and Ron saw at the end of summer--the object that Draco seemed so interested in--was a Vanishing Cabinet.

    A Vanishing Cabinet?

    They were all the rage when Voldemort first rose to power. You can imagine the appeal. Should the Death Eaters come calling, one needed only slip inside and disappear for an hour or two. But they're tricky contraptions. Require a tremendous amount of looking after. Eventually they fell out of favor.

    What happened to it? The one at Borgin & Burkes?

    Nothing. It's still there.

    Harry nods, pondering this.


    Weasley's Garage

    Harry. You know, I went through all this before--the last time around. Times like these--dark times--do funny things to people. It can bring them together and it can tear them apart. Things...speed up. It's what happens when you don't know if today will be your last.

  • Rachezee discussed this scene in the garage during her appearance on PrinceWatch.
    PrinceWatch Transcript Episode 3

    Scott: Yeah, the one other interesting one was this one here with Arthur and Harry – and it’s an added scene to the movie, right, in the workshop? And we had the script for that scene…

    Rachel: Oh, yeah, yeah!

    Scott: What did you think of that scene?

    Rachel: … It was an interesting, I mean, that was where they – did – they changed it with – in that scene they’re talking about how Arthur checks – checks to see what – what Draco was doing in the…

    Scott: Right.

    Rachel: I think in Borgin in Burkes or something. It had to do with – And he tells Harry that they were – he was looking at a cabinet and then Harry said ‘What, did he take the cabinet with him?’, or something, and then Arthur says ‘No. It’s still there.’ –

    Scott: Hm.

    Rachel: – and they seem puzzled by the whole idea – they can’t figure it out. But the scene is kinda cool ‘cause it – they actually pan his – his workshop – his garage of Muggle – Muggle stuff and it’s actually kinda funny – it – it has – there’s a lot of detail – there’s a lot – I mean that could have been the Room of Requirement, you know with all the junk – it was like that kinda – you know, clutter and it’s just filled with Muggle stuff and – and being obviously tampered with in some way or another, so…

    Scott: Right.

    Rachel: It’s a good scene. It’s a good shot. It was fun to see that – it’s a detail you never see in the book, but – but it – you know, that it was always implied, so (laughs)

  • There will be a scene in the Burrow which involves an untied shoelace, source, USA Today.
    Ginny notices Harry’s shoe is untied, simply says “Shoelace” and reaches over and ties it. “Then it changes from that kind of maternal looking after him to something more heightened and sexual,” Yates said.

  • Test screening viewers talk about a H/G moment straight after the ‘shoelace scene’.
    They almost kissed once but death eaters prevented that. It was just at the end of the night and she must have taken a shower.
  • Percy Weasley has been cut.

  • WB confirmed there is a brand new scene after the winter holidays where the burrow is attacked.
  • A call sheet shows a scene 83 outside of the Burrow, with the characters Harry, Ron, Ginny, Lupin, Arthur, Molly, Tonks, Fred and George in it, described as follows:

    Fireball crashes to the ground
    Track into burning house - reactions

  • A yarn picture of Harry and Ginny is likely to be during (or before) this attack.

    Burrow Attack

  • Multiple shots from multiple sources show shots most likely to happen before the below leaked script begins.

    Burrow Attack

    Burrow Attack

    Burrow Attack

    Burrow Attack

    Burrow Attack

    Burrow Attack

    Burrow Attack

    Burrow Attack

    Burrow Attack

    Burrow Attack

    Burrow Attack

  • Many believe that this attack makes the Burrow burn to the ground, but this is not so, as told by the member on Leaky Lounge who got to visit the set.
    I saw The Burrow both the inside and outside sets; the outside set had been burnt in a Death Eater attack

  • Pictures of Arthur, Lupin, Tonks, Harry, Ginny and Fred or George during the battle emerged.

    Burrow Attack

    Burrow Attack

  • A reliable source from IMDB leaked the script of this scene, though it is unknown how different it will be from the film; shots of this scene came from multiple sources.
    HBP Script Leak

    Without hesitation, she races for the reeds.


    Harry careens through the marsh, reeds flashing past,

    Burrow Attack

    then spies Bellatrix. She GRINS, looking like a crazed wood nymph, then flits off, her LAUGHTER mocking him. As he pursues, FIRE SNAKES through the reeds toward him.


    Fred, George, Ron and Arthur fan out, running full-out, their feet kicking up SPARKS as SHADOWS splinter throughout the reeds. It's like chasing ghosts.


    Ginny, copper hair gleaming, races through the reeds.

    Bellatrix leads Harry on, grinning madly.

    Ginny comes dashing to a halt, chest heaving as she peers into the smoking marsh. A HUGE FIGURE QUIVERS through a veil of smoke. Ginny's eyes SHIFT, see Bellatrix racing forward through the reeds, then SHIFT back as the veil of smoke evaporates, reveals...Greyback.


    Bellatrix makes an ODD, CLICKING noise--like a signal--and Greyback edges forward, sweeping away the reeds in front of him and revealing...

    ...Harry as he pelts forward.

    No, Harry! It's a trap!

    Harry falters, looking toward Ginny's voice and spies Greyback. Bellatrix stops dead, wheels in her tracks and, seeing Ginny, SHRIEKS with RAGE. Raising her wand, she fires a BOLT of RED LIGHT which explodes in a SHOWER of SPARKS around Ginny.

    Burrow Attack

    Ginny fires back, then wheels away, flashing through the reeds coming face to face with...

    Greyback, sharp teeth glittering.

    Don't you smell clean.

    Just then, a BOLT OF BLUE bursts off Greyback's back and he turns, sees Harry standing several yards off. As Greyback gives chase, Ginny pelts after and we CUT back and forth between Harry, Ginny and the beast between them, faster and faster, their BREATHS shortening until...

    Burrow Attack

    Greyback rushes into a clearing, panting, glancing about.


    Just then, TWIN BOLTS of light blast from opposite sides of the clearing and Greyback is lifted in the air, slammed to the ground. As he regains his feet he looks into the reeds and sees Harry and Ginny, wands poised. He grins...when Bellatrix's odd, CLICKING signal carries through the night once again. Turning away, he exits.

    Harry and Ginny slowly step out of the reeds, stare at each other wordlessly. Then...Ron, Fred, George, Arthur and Lupin come thrashing into the clearing, stop. All around them, the reeds SMOKE, the flames dying. Across the marsh, Bellatrix's cackle rises briefly on the air--then all is quiet.

    You're lucky you weren't killed.


    Hermione reads the Daily Prophet as she walks alongside Harry. The HEADLINE is GLOOMY: `MORE DISAPPEARANCES.`


    You have to realize who you are, Harry.

    I know who I am, Hermione, alright?

    So tell me what Arthur said.

    If Dumbledore's travelling places, it's news to the Ministry. But get this: that night at Borgin & Burkes? It seems Draco was looking at a Vanishing Cabinet.

    What would Draco want with a Vanishing Cabinet?

    You tell me.

    Hermione frowns, pondering this. Then:

    He looks different, don't you think? Draco. Almost...ill.

    Who could tell the difference?

  • The calendar picture of Hermione with her newspaper shows a small piece on Amelia Bones’ disappearance.


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