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18. Birthday Surprises

  • Apparition lessons have been confirmed cut by test screening viewers.

  • The ABC sneak peeks from January showed Harry and Hermione in the common room, Harry with the Marauder’s Map. The Japanese TV Trailer from January showed this scene again, Hermione telling Harry that Slughorn isn’t likely to tell Harry about his secret, confirming this scene takes place after Harry’s questioning of Slughorn.

Harry and Hermione


  • Test screening viewers talk of Romilda’s role.
  • We only see her briefly and not very close up. Hermione warns Harry Romilda is planning to slip him love potion, and he looks over at her. The other time we see her is her picture is on a card with the box of love potion spiked chocolates Ron eats.

  • It is confirmed by the official plot outline that Ron will eat Vane's chocolate cakes spiked with love potion.

  • Later information clarified that the first officially released still of the film is indeed when Harry comes into the dormitory to find Ron lovesick.

Tailing Malfoy

  • A picture of Ron during the sequence has been released.

Ron in Love

  • The scene in the dormitory was featured in the third trailer.

  • A shot of Slughorn from this sequence came from the Japanese TV trailer.


  • A shot of Harry, Ron and Slughorn drinking together came from the ABC sneak peeks; a shot of Ron falling over came from the third trailer, released November.

Harry, Ron, and Slughorn

Harry, Ron, and Slughorn

  • A picture of Harry looking in a potions cupboard not in uniform has appeared online.


  • A test screening viewer describes the above picture.
  • That is not a dresser but actually Slughorn's potion kit. Ron has just been poisoned and he is frantically searching for something that will help. How he knew about Bezoars, I have no idea

  • A picture of Ron poisoned in Slughorn’s office was in the first trailer, released July.


  • The ABC sneak peeks and the behind the scenes featurette showed Ron awaking to tell Harry “These girls … they’re gonna kill me”.



  • A description of this scene surfaced after the test screening.
  • The scene opens with Ron staring lovingly at the moon from the boys' dormitory window (lol). Harry comes into the room and Ron tells Harry that he's in love. Harry sits on his bed and Ron climbs on right next to him (more lol) and the dialogue follows about the same from the book if I remember correctly. Harry says, "I thought you were getting tired of her" or something and Ron gets offended, Harry gets confused, thinks they're talking about Lavender but Ron says he's talking about Romilda Vane and asks to be introduced. Harry asks if Ron's eaten something, Harry sees the empty wrappers and box and puts two and two together and gets him to Slughorn's office. Harry asks Slughorn for the antidote, Slughorn lets them in, and he concocts the potion. At one point Ron comes from behind Slughorn and hugs him and so Harry sets him down on the couch (scene is shot with Harry and Slughorn in front, couch behind). Slughorn wonders why Harry couldn't just perform the potion himself but Harry says it's particularly strong and Slughorn agrees. Ron is acting goofy in the back, at one point he sits on the back seating of the couch and falls off! After they get Ron right, Slughorn pulls out a flasks, pours glasses, and they toast to their health. Ron of course slurps his down before the others and he immediately collapses. He starts going a bit gray, convulsing, foaming at the mouth a bit; Harry freaks out, tells Ron to breathe, yells at Slughorn to do something, Slughorn is too stunned to move so Harry hurries through his potion supplies, pulls out a bezoar and pops it into his mouth.

  • Another attendee describes the emotions of the scene.
  • it went from funny to scary very quickly. You're right that Rupert is AWESOME as "lovestruck Ron"... and then after the bezoar sits up and says, 'They're going to kill me!' before dropping back down on the floor again... a little comic relief in the midst of a very tense moment.

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