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  • A picture of Harry talking to Katie Bell emerged, possibly showing the scene from the book where they talk after Katie returns from hospital. This of course could be another scene (possibly when they talk about Quidditch trials) or moved to another time.

Harry and Katie

  • The Sectumsempra scene appears to be confirmed, due to a set report.
  • We couldn't get into moaning Myrtle's bathroom because it was locked. They filmed the Sectumsempra scene there last week. They told me Tom had to lie in the fake blood and water for hours. He had a prosthetic chest on which pumped out fake blood and for each new take he had to get cleaned up and dry his hair before starting again. There are some pictures floating about of the scene and they look like Tom is lying dead in a pool of blood, very freaky for his friends to see!

  • Moaning Myrtle is cut.

  • Test screening viewers describe the scene.
  • When Harry and Draco fight in the toilets, Nigel is sits frozen in a cubical.

    The scene is truly dark and serious; the touch of humor with the kid on the loo was a surprisingly well placed moment of humor as it did not spoil the mood. You think it would but it doesn't. It’s only about 5 seconds of screen time, something tells me it may be cut later, but I think they should leave it in.

    It's actually more of a "fight scene" - it's kind of cool that way - and yes, Harry is obviously disturbed by what he's done and horrified at the effect that the spell has

    For those asking about the bloodiness of the Sectumsempra scene, it was not very bloody but many of the wounds on Draco did not appear to be gushing. Before you all get upset, I think the extra blood is probably just a special effect not yet added. The scene implied much more blood than was seen. I am pretty sure this will be added in later.

    When Harry casts Sectumsempra, Snape runs in and heals Draco's wounds with a spell that sounds almost like a song. Snape does not use Legilimency on Harry, and Harry runs straight out of the bathroom and into McGonagall who's standing in the doorway.

    Snape does not question Harry whatsover. He does not even speak to him. No Roonil Waslib

  • A shot from the third trailer, released November, and another shot from the Japanese TV trailer showed Draco in the bathroom.

Draco in the bathroom

Draco in the bathroom

  • The Behind the Scenes Featurette showed the start of the Sectumsempra battle.



  • An attendee of the test screening, Katie, discussed this scene’s bloodiness on an episode of Pottercast.

  • Pottercast transcript

    Katie: Like, the Sectumsempra scene, like, takes a lot of people off, cos it’s not it how should have been I don’t think – I mean it wasn’t dumbed down, it’s just to keep the little kids to watch it as well they like – they didn’t open his shirt –

    Melissa: So it’s just blood coming through?

    Katie: Yeah. Snape comes in and when he does the healing – the counter-curse for Sectumsempra, the blood like sorta seeps away from the shirt, basically doesn’t go through or whatever, so, yeah.

  • The Harry/Ginny kiss has been altered.
  • Ginny takes Harry to the RoR to hide the book. She kisses him in there, it's their first kiss. The relationship is done a bit differently compared to the book. There's a lot of build up since there wasn't much Ginny in the other movies. In fact I'd say there's more H/G in the movie. There's a lot of Ginny. She's very canon like and you can see that especially from her first scene.

    The kiss between Harry and Ginny in the RoR isn't sad.

  • This is the kiss seen in the third Sneak Peek.

  • Test screening viewers describe the scene.
  • [After Sectumsempra,] Hermione and Ginny band together and tell Harry to hide the potions book so not even Harry can find it. Ginny takes Harry to the room of Requirement, and makes him close his eyes while she hides the book. Then she kisses him briefly. By the time he opens his eyes she has vanished.

  • A script of this kiss scene appeared from a reliable source.

  • HBP Script Leak


    You've got to hide it. Today.


    Harry, potions book in hand, follows Ginny past the empty birdcage and down the corridor when she pauses, turns to the wall and shuts her eyes.

    Take my hand.


    Ginny and Harry materialize.

    The Room of Requirement...

    Ginny nods, turns away. Harry follows.


    Harry eyes the shelves that tower above him and the odd things they hold: a SMALL CAGE bearing the SKELETON of some long-dead creature. A JAR of QUIVERING EYEBALLS which track him as he passes.

    Over the years, if someone had a secret, if they wanted to conceal something, this is where they came. Some of these things are almost as old as the castle itself.

    Who showed you this? First.

    Fred and George. First Year. I hid Tom Riddle's diary here for a time. Wish I'd left it...

    As Ginny drifts off in memory, Harry studies her, then a SCUFFLING SOUND is heard nearby. They turn, look off.

    (at the same time)
    What was that?

    They turn back, look at each other. Ginny smiles. Then:


    Harry and Ginny approach. The SCUFFLING GROWS LOUDER. Harry reaches out, pulls aside the tapestry. Reacts. The cabinet door VIBRATES. Slowly, he opens it and...
    ...the BLACK BIRD flies free in a rush of FLAPPING wings.

    See, you never know what you'll find up here.

    Harry nods, looks back at the cabinet, mystified.

    All right. Close your eyes. That way you can't be tempted.

    Ginny slips the book from his fingers and starts to back away. She mouths: Close...your...eyes. As she leaves FRAME, CAMERA pushes ever-so-slightly in on Harry. Still. Waiting. For a long moment, there is only silence. Then a shadow gently eclipses Harry's face.

    There's something else. Another secret of sorts. One of mine...

    Harry and Ginny kiss

    Ginny leans in then and places her mouth on Harry's.

    Harry and Ginny kiss

    That can stay hidden up here too, if you like.

    Harry opens his eyes, watches Ginny back away, then disappear around the corner. He stares at the empty air, blinking, then watches the black bird flutter overhead.


    Harry, looking a tad dazed, walks aimlessly.

    RON (O.S.)
    So. Did you and Ginny do it?

    Harry jumps, watches Ron appear.


    You know. Hide the book.

    Oh. Yeah.

  • A picture of this scene emerged.

Harry and Ginny

  • A picture of the Room of Requirement came from an agenda book.

Harry and Ginny

  • According to test screen viewers, the H/G romantic relationship is basically non-existent.
  • There is really no implication that Ginny and Harry are dating, much to my dismay. It seemed much more that their feelings were both made very clear but no further action was taken. No implied stolen hours in secluded corners in the Hogwarts grounds.

    Hm. I don't really remember arms around one another - but Harry's response was surprise for sure. It was a really kind of "forward" Ginny-esque moment.

  • Rachezee talked about Ginny’s situation with Dean during this scene in her appearance on PrinceWatch.

  • PrinceWatch Transcript

    Meesha: Now. Does – does Ginny – does the break-up with Dean happen before the whole thing with the room – the Room of Requirement?

    Rachel: I know that they were unhappy, but I don’t remember anything about a break-up. I – I just remember – I just know that it was – Hermione keeps saying that they are unhappy together and stuff. I don’t – Maybe they did break up – I didn’t see it. (laughs)

    Meesha: Maybe it was – was it Kristen who talked about the dinner party when Ginny came and said Hermione told Harry that they had broken up?

    Scott: Yeah, she had red puffy eyes and said that –

    Aaron: No, it was just that they were fighting.

    Scott: – they’d been fighting.

    Rachel: Oh.

    Meesha: Oh, they were fighting, okay.

    Rachel: They were fighting. I don’t think they actually – just like they never get together – they never really – Ginny and Harry never get together.

    Vince: So, Ginny –

    Rachel: Yes.

    Vince: Ginny is cheating on him then (laughter) when she’s kissing Harry.

    Rachel: Ginny seems to be making her way around. (laughs)

    Meesha: Yeah. The Ginny haters will love that.

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